Digimoto Version 5.0

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This copy of Digimoto Version 5 installed on your Laptop is a trial version. It will only work for 7 days, and in 15 minutes intervals each time. The trial version will need to get closed and run it again after 15 minutes of operation. You will need to purchase a new License in order to fully utilize it on your Laptop without interruptions. Getting a new License is simple. Just open the following link and follow on screen instructions.

Digimoto V, as it is also known, is one of the most complete automotive diagnostic software avalable in today's market. It is a software tool that in conjunction with the OBDII scanner transforms your Laptop into a complete automotive diagnostic system. With Digimoto automotive diagnostic software you can retrieve trouble codes and their descriptions, reset the Check Engine Light (MIL), view, graph and record live data such as RPM, MPH, throttle position, coolant temperature and oxygen sensor values, view Freeze frame and system monitoring data, as well as analyze your vehicle's performance to verify proper vehicule operation.

Digimoto V diagnostic software offers more than just clear DTC codes and turn off the engine check light. It also allows to measure vehicle performance and the state of the vehicle's systems at any given point in time. This information can be logged into a file and saved in Excel format. By monitoring these systems, you can perform minor maintenance when needed, and potentially avoid a major automotive catastrophe, saving you diagnostics time and money to your customers.

Below are some of the program screens you will see when using Digimoto Version 5.0