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ACHI Auto Scan Kit Instructions:

The ACHI Auto Scan Kit includes the following components: an OBD2 scanner module, an OBD2 cable, a RS-232 serial cable, a Laptop with its AC power adapter, and scanner software already installed in the Laptop.

The ACHI Auto Scan kit is intended to be used with cars and trucks [s2If is_user_logged_in()]1996 and newer, which are OBD2 or EOBD compliant. In the US all 1996 and newer passenger cars, light-duty trucks, and medium-duty vehicles are required to have an OBD2 interface installed. For more detailed information on any aspect of the ACHI Auto Scan Kit, you can read information at

To use the ACHI Auto Scan Kit you will need the Laptop, and the respective OBD2 software package already installed on it. The Laptop comes with a serial port that serves to connect with the scanner module. The serial port on the Laptop is a working RS-232 serial port, commonly known as a COM port.

The ACHI Auto Scan Kit Laptop comes with various software packages already installed and ready to collect scanner data, allowing you to see and clear auto trouble codes. Those various software packages available and already installed on your ACHI Auto Scan Kit can be used or chosen at any time, you can test each one of them, and select the one that best suits your auto needs.

All ACHI Auto Scan Kit installed software packages are freeware versions. They all work with the ELM327 processor chip used in the scanner module. You can check the website for access to those various OBD2 software packages available. New versions will be made available from time to time, you may benefit from using newer versions, so please visit regularly our website

In Car Operation

In car operation is simple and straightforward. Plug the OBD2 cable connector into your car’s OBD2 port under the dash and then plug the other end into the OBD2 scanner unit.

The green power light for the OBD2 scanner unit should be on. Next, plug the provided serial cable into the other end of the OBD2 scanner unit and then connect the other end of the RS-232 serial cable into the Laptop’s serial port.

Turn on the Laptop and start whatever data collection software you have chosen, and turn the car key forward to light up the dash and start the communication between your car’s ECU/PCM and the Laptop.

Depending on which program you run on the Laptop, you will see different ways to reset or initialize the unit, and this should be done when you start the program. You should see the lights on the scanner module blinking, showing communication between the car and the Laptop. A demo video showing these steps is available at

Using a DC to AC inverter to power the Laptop while doing data collection runs, seem to be the best way to prevent the Laptop’s serial port failures, due to current spikes that may be sent through the OBD2 connection.

As newer software packages will be developed over time, they will have more features, and will have the capability to run at higher speeds. The ACHI Auto Scan Kit uses a scanner module able to operate at 2 different communication speeds, 9600 and 38400 bauds. The ACHI Auto Scan Kit as shipped is set to operate at 9600 bauds, to offer compatibility with most commonly available software packages.

If you download a new version of any of the software packages included in the Laptop in the future, the Laptop serial port has the ability to run at various data speeds including 38400 bauds. The ACHI Auto Scan Kit’s OBD2 scanner module can be changed to run at this speed via an internal jumper switch. That jumper switch is shown in the graph below:

The case of the OBD2 scanner module can be carefully pried open with a screwdriver or other tool, revealing the internal circuit board.  On the top side of this circuit board is a single black jumper switch.  Lift up to remove this small black plastic jumper from the 2 pins it is on, and slide it down over just one of the pins (or remove it from the case completely if you’d like) and this will enable the unit to operate at the higher 38400 bauds speed.


If all the cables are properly connected, but you are still not seeing data on the Laptop’s software, there are a number of things to check.

First make sure your cables are connected properly and that the green power light is lit on the OBD2 scanner module. Make sure your car key is turned forward to light up your dash, or the vehicle is running.

To see if communication is taking place between the OBD2 scanner module and the Laptop, you can use the Laptops’ HyperTerminal program to test it.

Start up the HyperTerminal program (usually under Start > Programs > Accessories), select a COM port (usually COM1), and select a baud rate of 9600 (or 38400 if you changed the jumper), Flow Control none. A window should appear with a prompt in it that looks like this:

Type ATZ at this prompt and you should see a response from the unit showing ELM327.  At the same time you should see the lights blinking on the scanner module. If you now type 0100 at the prompt, you should see a response of some numbers and letters.

This shows communication with your car’s ECU/PCM. At that point you know that proper communication is taking place between your OBD2 scanner module, the Laptop, and the car. Any of the software packages should function properly for you. This HyperTerminal test has got to work, or else the Laptop is not talking properly with the car’s ECU/PCM.

If you are still having problems after the HyperTerminal test, check under the device manager of the system control panel on your Laptop to make sure your COM ports are active and have not been disabled. If you don't see any COM ports enabled, or see red x's or yellow circles, then you may need to go into your Laptop’s BIOS and enable them. This is done as the Laptop boots. Hit the F2 key during initial booting time to open the BIOS setup page.

Next, if your COM ports are enabled properly and it still doesn't work, try this test. Take a paperclip, and short pins 2 and 3 of the RS-232 port together on the ACHI Auto Scan Kit Laptop, with the HyperTerminal program open as before. While the pins are shorted, hit any key on the keyboard. If you see characters appearing on your HyperTerminal screen, then your serial port is working fine. If you don't see anything on the HyperTerminal window, then your serial port is not working. You may not have selected the correct serial port, you may have software interference, or your serial port may be disabled in the BIOS. Check all these things.  If all of this fails, your serial port may be bad and you should contact ACHI technical support for further assistance.

ACHI Auto Scan Kit Software

ACHI Auto Scan Kit comes with various scanner software packages already installed. The reason why we offer various software packages is because there isn’t a single package that suits everyone’s needs. Each scanner software package offered has its own capabilities and functionality. Some work best with certain number of auto manufacturers and others with different ones. With time and patience, you will find for yourself which software package best accommodates your universe of car brands and models.

Here is a list of scanner software packages that we ship already installed on ACHI Auto Scan Kits. [/s2If] [s2If !is_user_logged_in()] continue reading please Login or Register[/s2If]